Mastering QC Inspection for Successful Goods Procurement from China

China has emerged as a premier destination for wholesale procurement due to its low manufacturing costs, abundant goods supply, and robust logistics network. Yet, importing from China entails risks, with instances of intellectual property rights violations rising.

According to a survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, 42% reported such violations in 2020, signalling the importance of vigilance against legal issues and scams when engaging in wholesale transactions with Chinese suppliers.

It is therefore, advisable to hire a certain reliable sourcing partner in China when you want to buy in bulk from China. Maple Sourcing Ltd. is one of the trustworthy Chinese sourcing companies available that can ensure that your product sourcing experience always remains very smooth.

Remember the following mistakes that you must always avoid when you decide to order in bulk from China.

Mistake 1 – Not doing enough deliberation before choosing the supplier

Avoid chasing trends for long-term business stability. Low-value products offer limited value enhancement. Market demand does not always equal product quality. Large products incur high shipping costs and risk damage. Consider these factors carefully when importing from China.

Mistake 2 – Not having a balanced approach while choosing the supplier

Avoid assuming that working directly with a factory is always optimal. Consider your business model and size when selecting suppliers. Additionally, be cautious of choosing solely based on the lowest quote, as cheaper prices may indicate quality issues. Choose suppliers based on a balanced consideration of products, prices, and services.

Mistake 3 – Trusting too much on Alibaba

Relying too heavily on the “Alibaba gold supplier” label can be misleading, as it merely signifies a paid membership. Similarly, while trade assurance offers some protection, it is not always reliable for refunds. Buyers should prioritize supplier professionalism, communication, and other factors alongside trade assurance.

Mistake 4 – Making a decision about the source abruptly

Unprepared importers often head directly to Shanghai without sourcing research, leading to difficulty finding desired products.  Sourcing products from incorrect regions in China leads to inefficiencies. Industrial clusters specialize in specific products.  While the Canton Fair offers diverse products, it may not suit all buyers requiring low MOQs.

Mistake 5 – Trusting the words of the supplier

Don’t assume mass production will improve upon a poor sample. A reliable supplier ensures quality consistency from start to finish. Ensure your supplier is knowledgeable about product certificates. Verify certification requirements independently to avoid relying solely on supplier claims.

Mistake 6: Only depending email on communication

Relying solely on email for communication with Chinese suppliers is impractical. Using WeChat, the predominant messaging tool in China, ensures quick responses and smoother transactions.

Consider time zone differences when communicating with Chinese suppliers, as they may not respond outside of working hours.

Mistake 7: Not aware of Chinese Holidays

Consider Chinese holiday schedules to prevent payment delays. Familiarize yourself with payment method fees and arrival times to avoid unexpected costs. Choose methods wisely and opt for reputable banks for smoother transactions when you buy in Bulk from China.

Mistake 8: Not choosing the right shipment

Sea shipment is not always the cheapest option, especially for small volumes. Air shipment may be more cost-effective for smaller shipments due to cubic meter pricing.

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